Since opening our doors in October of 2000, SIBSPlace has followed a psychosocial support model based in prevention theory. Focus and attention are placed on the challenges the well sibling faces in coping with their emotional response to having a brother, sister with cancer or another devastating illness or a parent diagnosed with cancer.

SIBS Mission

SIBSPlace was conceptualized to assist children who have brothers and sisters with cancer or another devastating illness. Now, we have expanded our mission to include children who have a parent with a devastating diagnosis.


"Right after my brother was diagnosed with cancer my mom went with him to the hospital and stayed FOREVER! I didn’t know who would help me with my homework. At SIBS, I get all the help I need."

SIBSPlace Program

Lead by Mental Health Staff, expressive arts and verbal activities are facilitated to enhance self-awareness, self-expression, emotional vocabulary, validate feelings and behaviors to help participants develop and practice coping skills.

Featured Video

A story of a SIBSPlace family’s journey.

At SIBS, it's the recognition of those we help
that makes the difference.

We hope the words of our participants will encourage you to join us.