Who will ever understand how "I" feel?

When a child loses a brother, sister or parent the world becomes a very dark place. Although surrounded by classmates and friends, they mostly feel alone, isolated- wondering how can everyone else be laughing and going around doing the same things they always did ... "my whole world has come to a standstill!"

Bereaved children may go through the motions, but their minds are in chaos. They wonder:  How do they make sense of their loss? Why did this happen? Who will ever understand how "I" feel?

We offer a highly requested service on the South Shore of Long Island to grieving children due to the loss of a parent or sibling.

Our time limited support group session is held for registered participants on Wednesdays evenings.  The focus of the group is to help children:

We hope you'll keep us in mind when you learn of a child in your family, school or community in need of a place to be with peers, where they can learn and use coping skills to navigate a life that has been turned upside down and thrown off-balance.

Mother Cabrini Health Foundation
SIBSPlace is honored to be selected as a grantee of the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, learn more here.

For more information or to register your child call Kerri Wagner at 516-374-3000 or email