SIBS Mission

A Place Where A Child MATTERS Most.

SIBSPLACE (Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters) is a free program serving well children ages 5-17, who are living with a sibling with cancer or another devastating medical illness, or a parent with cancer. SIBSPlace provides guided therapeutic peer support to help well children develop skills to cope with the traumatic and emotional impact of a loved one’s medical diagnosis.

A Place Where A Child MATTERS Most

Mastery and Development of coping and empowerment skills helps increase a child’s self-expression
Attention is paid to the unique experience and needs of the well child
Therapeutic creative arts activities increase self-awareness and emotional vocabulary
Traumatic reactions are processed, feelings validated and a sense of consistency is restored
Education is geared toward decreasing confusion/misperceptions
Resiliency is fostered through group work facilitated by skilled professionals
Support through peer interactions normalizes the well child’s experience

SIBSPlace is affiliated with South Nassau Communities Hospital.

Services provided include: