What SIBS Kids Have to Say!

We are available for the children after school at no cost to families.

SIBSPlace is program for children who have a brother or sister with cancer or another devastating/chronic illness or a parent with a cancer diagnosis.

We are available for the children after school at no cost to families. At SIBSPlace the well child is given the attention that is sometimes unavailable for them at home. They are given a chance to enjoy the normal experiences of childhood, build memories of being cared for and just laugh and have fun.

"At SIBSPlace there is always someone to help me with my homework!"
Volunteer teachers and high school students provide homework assistance. The children know that there is always someone they can rely on to help them understand and complete their assignments. SIBSPlace recognizes that parents of our participants are often distracted with the needs or those of the ill child, or their own health needs. An evening without homework can be very relieving for parents and children enjoy the undivided attention

"I always look forward to dinnertime when I can talk about the important things that happened to me this week."
During dinner children have the chance to share stories about their week. They can connect with each other and staff through common experiences and feelings. They can learn from each other, as well. Dinner is provided each program night. It is always yummy!

"I love that SIBSPlace always remembers my birthday! It makes me feel special."
SIBS kids receive a birthday card in the mail to honor their birthdays. They are invited to join us for the monthly celebration where there is always a cake and gift to mark their special occasion!

“I love when we do activities like creating clay sculptures, dressing like pirates and going on a treasure hunt or playing instruments with all my friends at SIBSPlace.”
Activities are developed each month to talk about feelings and build skills while having fun. Whether it’s art, music or circle time, there is something for everyone at SIBS. Check out our monthly calendar to see the exciting events that are planned for this month.

Letter from a SIBS Mom

"The parties at SIBSPlace are great. My whole family can come and have fun together. We get to see magic shows, circus performers and even exotic pets. We do things like manicure and yoga night, too!"
During our family event nights at SIBSPlace, activities are planned to entertain or pamper all the members of the SIBS families. They are all invited to spend the evening bonding, sharing in the fun and creating memories with each other.

"It’s always fun when our SIBSPlace pet therapy animals come to visit. I love the attention I get from Daisy and Chico the pet therapy dogs!"
SIBS Kids always delight in monthly visits from the certified pet therapy animals. As the children play with the animals they are taught care and grooming skills that they can use with their own pets at home. In addition the children treasure the warmth and affection they share with their SIBSPlace pets and the pets enjoy the undivided attention too! Everyone's a winner!

"I had the best summer at Camp SIBS. We went horse-back riding, played mini-golf and had a great time exploring museums. I even built up the courage to climb a rock wall! I can’t wait to try it again next summer!"
Camp SIBS is a six-week summer program where SIBS Kids participate in field trips and other group events. Staff and volunteers supervise the children as they engage in activities that help them to explore new places, master new skills, create happy summer-time memories and of course have fun. Camp SIBS is free for program participants and is funded by fundraising efforts of a local elementary school.

"We go on fun trips with SIBSPlace. My family went to the circus, a hockey game and to a Broadway show. We always have a good time. We even took pictures with the stars and they gave us their autographs, too!"
Special events are planned throughout the year for the whole family to enjoy. They provide an opportunity for the family to spend quality time together, creating wonderful memories during a difficult time in their lives. All events are funded through the generosity and good-hearted efforts of charitable foundations, at no charge to the families.

"SIBSPlace is the only place where I have my freedom."
The children at SIBSPlace know that they can talk about anything and the other kids will listen and understand them.
Come join us at SIBS. You’ll be glad you did!